Why We Cannot Call the Best Clinic For Weight Loss Treatment As the Best Clinic

“Dr. Vadim Surikiyevich is a world famous weight loss surgeon from Russia who practices in New York, NY. He is also a certified nutritionist.” In a bio-xplosive publication about Dr. Vadim Surikiyevich, there is mention of his weight loss clinic in both Russia and the USA. He is described as a Russian transplant surgeon with an American appointment.

Weight loss diet plan: 2 nutritionists share the ideal Indian diet plan to lose  weight - Times of India

Recently, I read an article about Dr. Vadim Surikiyevich in a prominent medical journal in India. I couldn’t make out the exact words but it was in relation to weight gain and low fat diets. In the article, he was quoted as saying: “I treat patients without respect, if they ask me whether I think they should try a low-fat or low-calorie diet. If someone wants a healthy diet, he should be ready to follow one.”

This seems to be conflicting evidence. However, the best clinic for weight loss in India is located in Pune, Maharashtra. It is run by Dr. Sushil Kumar, a renowned nutritionist. Dr. Kumar is Director of the Center for Human Nutrition Research at the University of Pune. In a bio-xplosive publication about Dr. Kumar’s weight loss clinics in India and Pakistan, he is described as an international expert on healthy diets and weight management.

So, it appears that Dr. Vadim Surikiyevich is not an enemy of Dr. Sushil Kumar. Instead, he is being complimented on his successful weight loss management clinics in India. It is important for us to keep in mind that the term “best weight management clinic” does not mean that it is the best weight management clinic in India or in Pakistan. The clinic must be very different from all the other clinics in India and in other countries. Only then can we establish it as the best weight management clinic.

We know that Dr. Sushil Kumar has been associated with the Indian Heart Foundation. His Center for Healthy Diet and Counselling has branches in different parts of India. It is ironic that he is associated with the Heart Foundation, which has rejected the use of a healthy weight loss treatment using only a healthy diet. Perhaps, he thinks that if his weight loss program is used along with a healthy diet, it will work better. According to the guidelines of the Heart Foundation, the only safe way to lose weight is to have a balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise. Therefore, it is obvious that the use of a weight-loss treatment like Diwali, which involves eating lots of spicy food and taking high-fat foods, is not compatible with the guidelines of the Heart Foundation.

Another reason why we cannot call the Indian Heart Foundation as a “best weight loss clinic” is that it does not accept the use of Diwali as its weight gain treatment. This is evident from the website of the Heart Foundation, which uses the term “weight gain” in its advertisement. Instead, it offers a free consultation to anyone who wants to know more about the program. Further, a person can contact the Indian Heart Foundation through its toll-free number. You can also check out its website, where you will find a lot of information about the various weight gain treatments, which the organization offers.

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