Which Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Is Best for Your Home?

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment is a good investment for just about every industry. There are two schools of thought on this issue. Some companies believe in pure positive air quality, and they make their air ducts filters as clean as possible. Others believe that filters are more important than quality, and therefore they try to get the best air filters available.

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Positive Air Duct Cleaning Equipment: Most businesses choose air duct cleaning equipment with powerful positive-pressurized vacuums. They get stuck on the big is better philosophy. Unfortunately, this mindset is totally wrong. When you really sit down and think about how exactly these kind of systems work, they really aren’t that simple to use at all in residential ductwork.

The only way to really get clean air ducts in your home or business is to install a system that is designed for the size of the system, and the amount of filtration needed. The old style vented units are usually too large to handle and have no filters to clean the air. This can create a lot of pollutants in the air. You also don’t hear too many positive comments from consumers about those systems. This means that there aren’t very many options out there for those who need clean air ducts and those who want clean air in their homes.

Brush Type Air Duct Cleaning Equipment: If you need really powerful air duct cleaning equipment, you will need a vacuum hose attached to a strong brush. These brushes are designed for sucking debris out of the ductwork. They usually spin at high speeds, to do their job. The spinning action sucks in all kinds of dust and dirt particles from the ductwork, and then they are removed by the vacuuming action on the brush.

Vacuum Type Air Duct Cleaning Equipment: The most common type of air duct cleaning equipment is the vacuum cleaner. A vacuum hose with an attached beater is attached to the unit and it has a brush attachment. The suction power is strong enough to pick up a variety of small debris particles. The downside is that this type of system can cost a bit of money, and it takes a long time to dry the vents if the cleaning is going to be done on a regular basis. The brush attachments work quickly though, and are generally much easier to work with.

The Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment: The most popular brand of dryer vent cleaning equipment is the SpinVax 1000xt system. This is the same type of system that is used in competitor problem solving solutions. This type of system allows operators to clean the vents on their own, without having to have professional cleaners come out. This is a big advantage in many situations, and one of the main reasons why this type of dryer vent cleaning equipment is so popular.

The Professional Air Duct Cleaning Equipment: The most popular brand of professional air duct cleaning equipment is the Hoover Air Duct Cleaner System. This brand offers all of the features and benefits that the SpinVax 1000xt system offers, but the professionals also get access to a wet/dry shop vacuum for cleaning even harder vents. The wet/dry shop vac is a huge advantage that most competitors don’t have, but this type of shop vac does offer some unique advantages over the competition. For example, it is designed to dry extremely well, and it can handle cleaning ducts up to eighteen feet long.

The Brushless Duct Cleaning System: This particular cleaning package has the ability to take care of cleaning extremely tough ducts and is capable of doing so without damaging the equipment. One great thing about this system is that the brushless motors can be completely quiet. This is important, because you need to be able to listen to the cleaning equipment without disturbing anyone in the area. The Hoover Air Duct Cleaner System is built with a heavy duty brush, which helps make the system more efficient.

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