What Do Movers Need to Know About Your Moving Plans?

When you want to hire interstate movers in Melbourne to help you with your move, the first thing you’ll need to do is communicate with them. There are several different ways to do this: requesting a specific day or week, the day before, or the day after the move. Generally, the earlier you request this information, the better. In addition, the sooner the movers know, the better. This way, you’ll be able to plan ahead.

Plan ahead

Make a schedule to manage your moving process. Write down your moving day and pack schedule, as well as the dates of your moving truck. It also helps to include information about the home you are leaving and what you need to do before you leave. Make sure to leave ample time for unpacking as well. If possible, plan the move early in the morning to give yourself plenty of time to do it. Remember, unpacking is twice as time-consuming as packing, so make sure to schedule extra time for it.

Communicate with movers

If you are considering hiring movers, be sure to communicate with them about your moving plans before the move. Make sure they have a roster of key players so everyone knows exactly what their role is. Make sure they know how to get to the new location and how to access your gate code. It is also a good idea to communicate in advance about color coding for labels. This way, you will be able to communicate the exact needs of your belongings to your movers.

Packing checklist

If you are planning to move, creating a moving checklist is a must. It can help you avoid surprises and make sure everything is in order. There are lots of things to pack, so using a moving checklist is the best way to stay organized and save time. Start the packing process eight weeks before the move date. Make sure to backup your important documents and files to the cloud. Use Dropbox or Google Drive to store these files online.

Preparing your home for a move

Moving is a stressful time, so getting everything in order is important for a smooth transition. It’s a good idea to take pictures of everything you own, including any artwork, and label them clearly to make it easier to unpack them at your new home. Make a complete packing list for each item, including when and how you need to pack them. This list will also help you avoid mistakes and remember what you need to pack and take with you.

Organizing a garage sale or Goodwill drop

While packing your belongings, organizing a garage sale or Goodwill drop as a part of your moving plans is a good way to clear out clutter and raise cash. You can sell gently used items to make extra money, or you can donate them to a charitable organization and receive a tax receipt. You can also donate your items to local schools and community centers. Depending on your needs, a garage sale may be the perfect way to get rid of excess clutter.

Getting a moving estimate

Whether you’re planning to move locally or across the country, getting a moving estimate is an important step in preparing for the big day. Moving from one city to another is often more expensive and requires more effort than a local move. You may also need specialty moving services, such as transporting a piano or artwork. Moving estimates will also include additional charges, such as a fee for packing odd-shaped items. Check out the terms and conditions of the quote as well, and inquire about the amount of any additional charges that may apply. Some companies may charge extra for services such as disassembling furniture, long carry charges, or even cancellation fees. The moving company you choose should have these things covered, and be happy to show it to you.

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