Tips on Purchasing Bone Inlay Chest of drawers

Made from the finest camel bone extracted from endangered mountain goats, the Bone Inlay Chest of drawer is crafted out of delicate camel bone by skillful craftsmen in India. There are four adjustable drawers to choose from, all of which preserves the exquisite handcrafted interior design of this beautiful chest of drawers. Each of the four chests of drawers is crafted out of white wood, finished with hand applied stains. Because this chest is handcrafted, some of its features include uneven wood grains and knots that add to the unique design. This chest of drawers is perfect for use as bedroom furniture, and as an addition to a guestroom. The best bone inlay chest of drawers Buy From this site.

An all-weather dresser that will last for years to come, the bone inlay chest of drawers is the perfect way to update the look of your bedroom, master bedroom or even the family room. This chest of drawers is designed to withstand humidity, temperature fluctuations, scratching and denting, and accidental dropping or spillage. The drawers are lined with soft suede to prevent fabric irritation, and they are also available in two-drawer units that leave one drawer open for use. There is also a single drawer option that leaves one drawer open while still allowing access to the other three drawers.

One of the unique features of this chest of drawers is the optional lighted mirror that can be added onto a single-drawer unit. This convenient feature allows the mirror to be seen when it is not in use, which adds to the convenience of this all-weather dresser. For the single drawer, the interior of each drawer is covered in rich velvety leather. A matching coffee table is also included in the price of this beautiful bone inlay chest of drawers.

The top of the bone inlay chest of drawers features a faux-finish that is finished with a warm glow and shimmering effects. The top also provides protection from spills, dust and scratches. Unlike the genuine wood chest of drawers, this faux finish offers no protection from liquids and it is not affected by heat. Therefore, it can be used as an ideal alternative to wooden chests of drawers.

If you have decided to replace your existing dressers with these beautiful bone inlay drawers, you should first measure the dimensions of your dresser so that you’ll be able to get the right size of bone inlay chest of drawers. Since most of these items are offered in three to four drawer models, you should also determine the number of drawers needed to accommodate your dresser’s contents. You may also want to consider the number of guests that will likely utilize the furniture. If more guests will be using the furniture, you should get a chest with higher capacity.

Once you’ve determined the perfect size and number of your bone inlay chests, the next step would be to figure out the color. Since there are many different shades available for purchase, you should first determine which shade would best complement the rest of your decor. For example, if you have white furniture, you may want to choose a lighter shade of paint to make the room more welcoming and inviting. However, if you have a black and white dining room, you may opt for a darker shade of paint to project a sense of mystery and elegance.

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