Penis Exercises – How to Get a Longer Thicker Penis Naturally Without Pills, Surgery, Or Other Treatments

penile traction devices

Penile traction devices also called penis stretchers or penis rollers, are all-natural, safe, and effective devices that men can use to increase the size of their penile organ, improve erectile functioning, straighten curved penises, and so on. They work by applying constant pressure to the penile chambers (areas inside the penis), thus stretching the penile tissue and preparing it for further expansion. This results in increased size and girth of the penis. As the penile traction device applies continuous traction, the penis naturally grows to its maximum size in about 4 months.

Penis enlargement devices such as Jes Extender and ProSolution Pills work by allowing increased blood flow to reach the penile chambers and promote increased penile growth. Jes Extender and ProSolution Pills both contain natural ingredients that increase blood flow to the penile chambers when worn. These chambers then soak up more blood, resulting in increased penile growth and a resulting increment in penis length and girth. Penis enlargement devices such as Jes-Extender allow men to get longer and thicker penises without risking embarrassment or pain.

However, there is one major downside to penis stretching devices. They only provide temporary gains. Once the traction period is over, your penis will begin to return to its normal size. This means that unless you use the devices a few times every couple of months, you will not see much permanent gain. This is where vacuum pumps come into play!

Using a vacuum erectile device, such as a Jes Extender or ProSolution Pills, will allow you to achieve permanent gains in penis length and girth. The idea is that these devices will help to re-stimulate the penile chambers after they have been inactive for some time. Once the penile chambers are stimulated and filled with blood, they will begin to expand back to their normal size. This will result in increased penile length and girth.

Vacuum pumps work in much the same way as stretching devices. The principle is much the same as the ones used with the traction devices. The only difference is the type of pump used. In these exercises, there is no vacuum pump required. All that is needed is regular, gentle pumping of the device.

Although vacuum pumps are considered to be the least effective of penile traction devices, they are by far the safest and most reliable method available. With just a little bit of regular use, you can begin to see improvements in your erection length and girth. It is important to note that the effectiveness of the penile traction device will decrease over time.

One study published in a medical journal has reported that men who regularly used this penis enlargement method had experienced significant gains in penile length and girth. The increase in penile length was noted to occur after just six months of continuous penile traction. This means that you could potentially gain a two inches increase in penis length per month, at no cost. This is the equivalent of one to two years of impotence research and it is totally risk-free. As long as you follow the exercises correctly, you will get the results you want without spending a penny.

The penile traction devices recommended by the doctors all use essentially the same principles. The exercises are simple and easy to follow. You need to wear the devices for around 5 hours a day, several days a week until you start seeing the results you want. These results are permanent and will last up to around six months. There is also no pain, waiting, or any other such nonsense associated with the Penis Exercises.

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