How to Get Boat Towing Services for the Unexpected

Boat towing services can help you in the event of an emergency on your boat. There are a number of ways you can get help, including through a national boat towing network like TowBoatUS or Sea tow. These Flagship Towing offer both members and non-members of the network on-water assistance. You can contact these services via a VHF radio or cell phone.

Sea Tow

Sea Tow boats are strategically located throughout their service area to quickly respond to on-water assistance needs. Sea Tow crews are Coast Guard-licensed and have years of experience working on the water.


TowBoatUS provides on-water assistance for boaters with emergency situations. For $159 a year, its Unlimited Towing Membership covers a range of services, including boat towing, battery jump-starting, fuel delivery, and ungrounding. Members also enjoy many benefits, such as discounts and BoatUS Magazine. TowBoatUS is one of the largest network of towing services in the country, with 305 locations in North America.

BoatUS Unlimited Towing Membership

Whether it’s a flat tire, a faulty engine, or something more severe, BoatUS Unlimited Towing Membership has you covered. Without membership, towing services can cost up to $250 per hour, or thousands of dollars. Plus, without a membership, you’ll often be charged extra for services performed in dark or rough weather.

Roadside assistance

Getting roadside assistance through your car insurance policy is a great way to cover simple maintenance costs. Some plans even cover changing tires and other routine maintenance, so you can keep your car running smoothly for longer. But there is one major drawback to this kind of plan – every time you call the service, it will go on your record, which can affect your monthly premium.

Membership benefits

If you’re a boat owner, membership benefits for boat towing services can save you money when an unexpected situation arises. Some of these services are member-only, while others are open to all boaters. Both organizations offer a wide range of services to ensure you get the right help when you need it most.


When the unexpected happens, boat towing services can be invaluable. Sea Tow boats are strategically placed throughout the service area to respond faster to on-water assistance needs. Each boat is managed by a crew of Coast Guard-licensed captains with years of experience on the water.

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